American Man Rescued with Eyes Taped Shut in Remote Mexico Area

In a startling discovery, Mexican authorities stumbled upon an American man with his eyes taped shut in the town of Limones, situated in a secluded area within Mexico’s Quintana Roo province.

Unsettling Encounter

The man, identified as Joseph Constantine Buonincontri, was found confined within a house constructed from natural materials, locally known as huano, nestled deep within the jungle, as revealed by the Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office.

Identity and Origins

Joseph Constantine Buonincontri, aged 35, hails from New York, according to available information.

Rescue Efforts

Mexican authorities, comprising members of the Mexican National Guard, the Mexican Army, and the Quintana Roo police, spearheaded a thorough search and rescue operation, leading to the discovery of Buonincontri on Feb. 4, as confirmed by the Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office.

Geographical Context

Situated on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Quintana Roo encompasses Limones, located approximately four hours south of the bustling tourist destination of Cancun.

Limones, Quintana Roo, Mexico