The longstanding feud between hip-hop artists Benzino and Eminem has reached new heights with the release of Benzino’s latest diss track, “Rap Elvis.” This comes as the former publisher of The Source magazine intensifies their decades-old rivalry, marking the second attack within a week.

The Diss Track:

Released on January 31, “Rap Elvis” sees Benzino delving into Eminem’s character and challenging his connection to his hometown of Detroit. In the song, he questions Eminem’s presence in the city and references remarks from Icewear Vezzo about the Rap God’s alleged lack of support for Detroit.

“I am the culture, you don’t even be around/ You don’t even come outside, you don’t even see your town/ Icewear Vezzo said, ‘Em don’t be showing the city love’/ Why you ain’t got no words for him, huh?/ He in your city, bruh!” Benzino asserts.


The Critique:

Benzino doesn’t stop at personal attacks; he also takes aim at Eminem’s track record as a music executive. He highlights the departure of several artists from Shady Records, including Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine, Royce Da 5’9″, Joe Budden, and others. The diss emphasizes the alleged instability within Shady Records and questions Eminem’s ability to retain talent.

Additionally, the diss track critiques Eminem for various controversies, including derogatory language towards Black women, a lack of support for the battle rap scene compared to Drake, and feuds with pop stars like Britney Spears and Elton John rather than addressing critics within the hip-hop community.

“Rap Elvis” follows Benzino’s earlier diss track, “Vulturious,” where he raised questions about Eminem’s sexuality and taunted him over the death of his close friend and collaborator, Proof. The ongoing back-and-forth began with Eminem’s “Doomsday Pt. 2,” part of the Lyrical Lemonade compilation album All Is Yellow, where he reignited their mid-2000s beef and mocked Benzino’s physical stature and financial situation.


As the feud continues to escalate, fans eagerly await Eminem’s response to Benzino’s latest verbal assault. The hip-hop community remains divided on the significance of these diss tracks, with some applauding Benzino’s boldness while others question the motives behind reigniting a decades-old feud.