Governor Kemp’s Support for Shrimping Industry

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is drawing attention to the challenges faced by the shrimping industry, particularly amid increasing foreign competition.

Recognition for White Shrimp

On Wednesday, Governor Kemp designated the white shrimp as the official crustacean of the state, a move welcomed by stakeholders like Anchored Shrimp Company in Brunswick. Owner John Wallis expressed gratitude for the government’s acknowledgment of the significance of shrimp in Georgia’s economy.

Positive Impact on Industry

According to Wallis, any positive recognition, such as the state’s designation, is beneficial for the industry, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite decades of experience in shrimping, Wallis highlighted the hardships faced by shrimpers, citing foreign competition as a major challenge.

Impact of Foreign Competition

Wallis elaborated on the impact of foreign, unregulated shrimp on local shrimpers, noting that the availability of cheaper imported shrimp poses a significant challenge for domestic producers. He emphasized the need to compete with foreign products while maintaining quality and sustainability standards.

Economic Pressures on Shrimpers

Reflecting on the economic pressures, Wallis mentioned a drastic decline in shrimp prices over the years, exacerbated by inflation and market dynamics. He highlighted the need for consumer support to sustain Georgia’s shrimping industry during these challenging times.

Consumer Support for Local Shrimpers

When asked how consumers can assist Georgia shrimpers, Wallis stressed the importance of buying locally sourced shrimp. He urged consumers to prioritize Georgia shrimp products, emphasizing their superior quality and the economic benefits of supporting local producers.


Governor Kemp’s initiative to recognize the white shrimp as Georgia’s official crustacean underscores the state’s commitment to supporting its shrimping industry. However, challenges persist, and consumer support remains crucial for the survival and prosperity of Georgia’s shrimpers.