Former NBA star Nate Robinson urgently needs a kidney donor as he battles life-threatening kidney disease, diagnosed 18 years ago.

Robinson, 40, told Men’s Health that his kidneys function at less than 15% capacity. Post-dialysis, he often experiences body cramps, shortness of breath, and violent vomiting. On better days, he trains and spends time with his children, using routine to combat “the dark place.”

Initially angry and mean, Robinson has now accepted his condition and remains determined to live for his family and future grandchildren. He recalled doctors’ early warnings about high blood pressure, which he ignored to continue playing.

Diagnosed with kidney disease in 2006, Robinson’s condition worsened by 2018, leading to kidney failure. After contracting COVID-19 in 2020, doctors insisted he start dialysis immediately to stay alive.

Robinson aims to get on the Washington state kidney transplant waitlist and eventually the national list. Despite his struggles, he remains a fighter, inspired by his mother’s belief in his resilience.