Washington state authorities are actively searching for Elias Huizar, a former police officer implicated in a series of grave incidents. Huizar is accused of fatally harming his ex-wife and a girlfriend and abducting a one-year-old child. The West Richland Police Department has described Huizar as “armed and considered dangerous,” emphasizing the urgency of apprehending him to prevent further crimes.

The case began to unfold when police responded to a distress call at Wiley Elementary School in West Richland. They discovered an adult female victim at the scene, prompting an immediate lockdown of the school to ensure the safety of other individuals. Thankfully, no additional injuries occurred during this incident.

Ongoing Investigation and Public Safety Efforts

Subsequent investigations led police to Huizar’s home, where they found another victim and issued an Amber Alert for a missing child, believed to be with Huizar. The alert has described the child and Huizar’s last known vehicle, urging public vigilance and assistance in locating them. The response has been broadened with reports of Huizar being spotted in Portland, Oregon, indicating he may have changed vehicles.

In light of these events, authorities are not only focusing on Huizar’s immediate capture but also on understanding the motivations behind his actions. They have intensified their efforts, using all available resources to track him down and ensure community safety.

Background and Legal Context

Huizar’s background includes service as a school resource officer and subsequent resignation from the Yakima Police Department following disciplinary actions. Further complicating his profile are charges unrelated to the current manhunt, involving serious allegations that led to strict legal restrictions on his interactions with minors.

As the community grapples with this shocking series of events, the West Richland Police Department is preparing to hold a news conference to provide updates and reassurances to the public. The focus remains on resolving the situation swiftly to restore safety and order.