A fan who invaded the field at a Cincinnati Reds game performed a backflip before police subdued him with a stun gun. The incident occurred Tuesday night at Great American Ball Park during the ninth inning.

William Hendon, 19, wearing an old-school No. 5 Johnny Bench jersey, approached Cleveland Guardians center fielder Tyler Freeman briefly before police intervention. Instead of fleeing, Hendon executed an acrobatic backflip and then attempted to run. He only made it a few feet before police used a stun gun to detain him.

Field Invader Tased and Arrested During Reds vs. Guardians
The invader did a backflip in front of the officer who proceeded to tase him shortly afterwards

“A fan ran onto the playing field during the game and ran from police when officers attempted to stop him to prevent further disruption to the game or safety risks to players and ballpark staff,” said Cincinnati Police Lt. Jonathan Cunningham in a statement. “This individual was tased by the officer in order to detain him.”

Hendon faced charges of obstruction of official business and criminal trespassing. He appeared in court the next day still wearing the Bench jersey. Municipal Court Judge William Mallory remarked on Hendon’s backflip, to which Hendon confidently replied, “I’m pretty sure I did.”

Attempts to contact Hendon, his attorney, and family were unsuccessful. The Guardians triumphed over their in-state rivals, 5-3.