Alaia Baldwin Aronow Arrested After Club Incident

Incident Details

Hailey Bieber’s older sister, Alaia Baldwin Aronow, found herself in legal trouble after an altercation at a Georgia club last Saturday. According to a police report Baldwin Aronow, aged 31, was charged with simple assault, simple battery, battery, and criminal trespassing.

Security Footage

The police report revealed that security footage captured Baldwin Aronow forcibly entering a locked employee bathroom at the club. Bartender Haleigh Cauley claimed that Baldwin Aronow requested to change her tampon, which she was granted. However, moments later, Cauley alleged that Baldwin Aronow removed her tampon and threw it at her. Security intervened, escorting Baldwin Aronow out of the club, where she resisted and fought with a bouncer.


Conflicting Accounts

While Baldwin Aronow initially denied forcing her way into the bathroom, she later admitted to needing to use it to change her tampon and vomit. She also initially denied throwing the tampon but later confessed to doing so. Regarding the altercation with the bouncers, Baldwin Aronow claimed she was defending herself.

Legal Consequences

Police charged Baldwin Aronow with assault for throwing the tampon and battery for assaulting the bouncers. She allegedly kicked one in the genitals and pulled the hair of another.

Family Concerns

Baldwin Aronow’s arrest occurred shortly before her father, Stephen Baldwin, requested prayers for Hailey Bieber and her husband, Justin Bieber, sparking concern among fans. Hailey Bieber, reportedly upset by her father’s actions, is yet to comment on the incident involving her sister.