In the landscape of modern romance, a curious trend has emerged: the rise of “passport bros,” a term coined for men who venture abroad leaving the U.S in search of love, particularly among foreign women. While this unconventional approach to dating has sparked both criticism and admiration, it sheds light on the shifting dynamics within the American dating scene.

The resurgence of the term “passport bro” on platforms like TikTok, with videos amassing millions of views, underscores a growing interest in this phenomenon. Supporters argue that men should seek appreciation wherever they find it, prompting questions about the state of romantic relationships in the United States.

The podcast episode on “whatever” has garnered million views. In it, Bryan offers a favorable perspective on passport bros, emphasizing the importance of seeking appreciation wherever it may be found. He questions why men shouldn’t explore opportunities abroad if they feel unappreciated by American women.

Critics often wonder what drives these men to seek partners overseas. In cities like Miami, where superficiality often overshadows deeper connections, the pursuit of meaningful relationships can feel like an uphill battle. The prevalence of dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, Raya, Coffee Meets Bagel, and many more. It feels as though nearly 90% of Miami’s population is simultaneously engaging with multiple potential partners, making it increasingly difficult to foster genuine connections. Compounding this challenge is Florida’s staggering divorce rate, the highest in the nation, with 3.4 divorces per 1000 people. According to the American Psychological Association, between 40-50% of first marriages in the state end in divorce, while the rates for second marriages soar even higher, ranging from 60-67%.

This Tok Toker shares his experience with living overseas for an entire year:



Passport bros are right, dating overseas is easier for a variety of reasons. Here are three important ones passportbros passportboys singlelife

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Moreover, the perception of wealth plays a significant role in this equation. Some believe that American men are seen as financially affluent, which can influence their desirability abroad. This perception, coupled with dissatisfaction with the dating scene at home, fuels the appeal of international romance.

A man ready to leave the USA to find a traditional woman

Yet, not everyone views the passport bro phenomenon favorably. Critics argue (mainly women) that it reflects anti-feminist sentiments and aligns with movements like Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), which advocate for male separatism. However, dismissing these men’s experiences overlooks the underlying issues driving them to seek love elsewhere.

Sarah Dawn Moore defending passport bros and why western women are hard to deal with.

Ultimately, the rise of passport bros highlights the complexities of modern dating in the United States. Whether one agrees with their choices or not, it underscores the challenges many face in finding meaningful connections in an era of abundance and high expectations.