Sherri Papini dominated headlines in 2016 after claiming she was kidnapped and tortured for 22 days. Years later, her story was exposed as a hoax. Her husband, Keith Papini, revealed in a new interview that she often exaggerated and lied, but he was blinded by love.

Keith warns the public against believing her. “If she were to come out someday and do a book or magazine, it will not be the truth,” he told People magazine.

Sherri’s story returned to the spotlight with the Hulu series “Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini,” released this month. She disappeared on Nov. 2, 2016, near her Redding, California, home, claiming she was abducted by two Hispanic women, beaten, branded, and held captive. She resurfaced 22 days later, covered in bruises.

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Hulu’s ‘Perfect Wife’ brought the story back to viral status, generating discussions throughout social media

In March 2022, Sherri was arrested on federal charges after authorities revealed she had fabricated the story and stayed with an ex-boyfriend while defrauding the state of over $30,000 in victim assistance money.

Keith, now a single dad to their two children, Violet, 9, and Tyler, 11, shared that Sherri had a history of lying. “She definitely had a history of exaggerating. And I would say at this point, lying,” he said. He admitted to ignoring inconsistencies in her stories because he loved her.

Keith recalled moments when Sherri would lie in front of him and manipulate him into apologizing when he questioned her. “I think she was able to exploit that from me,” he said. He eventually filed for divorce after her arrest.

Sherri pleaded guilty in April 2022 and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. She was released from federal prison to community confinement last August. According to KCRA of Sacramento, she has yet to pay her $300,000 fine in restitution.