Kendrick Lamar ended his feud with Drake by releasing the music video for his hit song “Not Like Us,” which disses the Canadian rapper.

Lamar released the video on Independence Day. Previously, he performed “Not Like Us” six times at his Juneteenth concert, “The Pop Out,” which fans saw as digs at Drake for allegedly stealing Black American culture.

The “Not Like Us” music video has garnered over 13 million views as of Friday morning. Fans praised it as a celebration of Compton and the West Coast, while enjoying Lamar’s jabs at Drake.

The video features an owl piñata and a live owl, referencing Drake’s label October’s Very Own (OVO). During the piñata scene, a disclaimer reads: “No Ovhoes were harmed during the making of this video.”

References to Toronto, Drake’s hometown, are also in the video. Producer Mustard wears a Toronto Blue Jays hat, and NBA player DeMar DeRozan, from Compton but formerly with the Toronto Raptors, makes a cameo. Lamar mentions DeRozan in the line: “I’m glad DeRoz’ came home/Y’all didn’t deserve him neither.”

Lamar also mocks Drake’s diss track “Push Ups” by doing pushups on cinder blocks in the video. Additionally, he includes his fiancée Whitney Alford and kids, countering Drake’s claims that they were estranged.

The rappers have been in a rap beef since earlier this year. Many believe Lamar won due to the popularity of “Not Like Us,” with some calling his Juneteenth concert a “victory lap.”

Lamar also teased an unreleased track at the beginning of the “Not Like Us” video, hinting at a new project.