Kentucky State Police announced that remains found on Friday in the family residence of missing 8-month-old Miya Rudd are likely hers.

“Detectives located an infant’s body consistent with Miya Rudd at 1:15 today,” the agency stated.

The decomposing body was found hidden in a corner, according to Trooper Corey King, who spoke to NBC affiliate WFIE.

“Not the results we wanted, but really expected,” King remarked.

Preliminary findings, including possible identification, could be available by Saturday, King told the station.

With the discovery, the search shifts to a criminal investigation.

Parents Tesla Tucker, 29, and Cage Rudd, 30; paternal grandparents Billie J. Smith, 49, and Ricky J. Smith, 56; and Timothy L. Roach were arrested in early June on drug charges.

Kentucky Authorities Find Decomposed Infant in Debris-Filled Home
Pictured: The infant’s parents, Tesla Tucker and Cage Rudd

Except for Roach, who is from Owensboro, the others are from Reynolds Station, about 90 miles southwest of Louisville.

It’s unclear if they have legal counsel, as the public defender’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

Investigators found drugs, including fentanyl, at a Motel 6 where Miya’s parents were contacted. They also faced child abandonment allegations.

Grandmother Billie J. Smith had an active warrant related to a domestic incident, and Roach allegedly tossed drugs as police arrived.

Miya’s maternal grandparents, Taletha and David Tucker, who are raising her three siblings, were arrested on Wednesday based on unclear warrants, WFIE reported.

On Thursday, state police charged Brodie C. Payne, 28, who had lived with Miya’s parents, with drug trafficking, including methamphetamine. He was already in custody on other drug charges from May.

It was not clear if Payne had legal representation.

Earlier in the week, state police used cadaver dogs to search near Miya’s home. Authorities had removed her three siblings due to drug allegations and planned to do the same with Miya before she went missing. Her umbilical cord had tested positive for methamphetamine at birth.

A family member last saw Miya at the end of April. Her parents claimed she had been taken by the state, but investigators found this was false.