A Las Vegas restaurant faced backlash after its “Bluey Day!” event, intended to celebrate the popular cartoon, left parents and children disappointed with long lines, inadequate activities, and a subpar costume.

Dirt Dog, hoping to capitalize on the popularity of “Bluey,” hosted a free event at one of its Las Vegas locations. However, the restaurant underestimated the turnout, resulting in chaos. Social media posts criticized the event for a prematurely closed face painting station, overpriced cupcakes, and a lackluster watch party with muted TVs.

Promises of meeting “Bluey and friends” fell short, with photos showing a bearded man in a onesie as the beloved character. Scathing comments on the restaurant’s Facebook page described the event as false advertising and a chaotic experience.

Las Vegas Restaurant Faces Backlash Over 'Bluey Day' Event
The event faced backlash over its poor handling, staff says it ‘didn’t anticipate the demand for the event’

Stephanie Hernandez told KVUU that many children were left in tears. Restaurant staff admitted they were unprepared for the hundreds of attendees. Staffer Taj Wilder acknowledged the need for better planning and security.

The gourmet hot dog restaurant apologized, pledging to improve future events. Comparisons were drawn to the disastrous Willy Wonka-inspired “Chocolate Experience” in Scotland, which similarly disappointed families.