Late on a Saturday evening, a tram accident at Universal Studios near Los Angeles resulted in multiple injuries. The incident occurred when a tram, part of a regular tour, struck a guardrail during a turn and overturned. The Los Angeles County Fire Department was promptly dispatched to the scene, transferring 15 individuals to various hospitals with injuries that were deemed minor to moderate.

The accident took place near the “Jurassic Park Cars” attraction as the tram was navigating a turn. The California Highway Patrol’s investigation highlighted that the tram was making a left turn onto Avenue M when the last car collided with a metal guardrail. This unfortunate impact caused the tram to tilt significantly, leading to several passengers being ejected from their seats.

Investigation and Statements from Authorities

Universal Studios Tram Accident Leaves Several Injured
The incident occurred at Los Angeles’ Universal Studios Hollywood

Officials from the California Highway Patrol have confirmed that neither drugs nor alcohol were contributing factors in this incident. In the aftermath, a spokesperson from Universal Studios Hollywood issued a statement acknowledging the accident and expressed gratitude that the injuries were not life-threatening. The park is actively cooperating with law enforcement agencies to thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding the mishap.

“Based on agency reports, we are thankful that the injuries sustained were minor,” remarked the spokesperson. Universal Studios has resumed the Studio Tour, albeit with a modified route to ensure such an incident does not recur. The commitment to safety remains unequivocal, with ongoing efforts to reinforce operational and safety protocols.

Safety Measures and Park Operations Post-Accident

Following the incident, Universal Studios quickly took steps to enhance safety measures for all attractions, especially the tram tour. The tram tour, a signature attraction of the park set to celebrate its 60th anniversary soon, offers visitors an inside look at some of the studio’s most famed movie-making locations.

The park has confirmed that it is reinforcing its operational and safety protocols in response to the incident. This includes a comprehensive review of all safety measures and the implementation of immediate corrective actions where necessary. Universal Studios continues to ensure that its attractions provide both excitement and safety for all visitors.