Miami Beach authorities have apprehended Gregory Fitzgerald Gibert, 53, on charges related to the fatal assault of Andrea Dorias Dos Passos, a 37-year-old transgender woman. Her body was found early Tuesday morning near the Miami City Ballet, prompting a swift police response.

In the wake of the discovery, an investigation was launched when a ballet company employee noticed someone who appeared to be sleeping near the main entrance. Emergency teams pronounced Dos Passos dead at the scene, her injuries indicating a violent attack.

Crime Scene and Surveillance

Miami Beach Arrest Linked to Death of Transgender Woman Near Ballet
The victim was identified as 37-year-old, Andrea Dos Passos

Surveillance footage played a crucial role, capturing the suspect as he picked up a metal pipe from the ground and repeatedly struck Dos Passos. The video later shows him positioning her body and discarding the pipe into a nearby trashcan, key evidence that led to his identification and arrest.

Gibert, found in blood-stained clothing matching the surveillance description, has a complex criminal history. Just released from prison in April, his record includes violent charges and mental health evaluations. Although his previous offenses are severe, there is no current evidence linking the motive of the attack to hate or discrimination based on gender identity.

Community Impact and Statements

The tragic event prompted the Miami City Ballet & Museum to shut down for the remainder of the day. The local community has been left shaken, with residents and relatives voicing their distress. Dos Passos’ stepfather, Victor Van Gilst, expressed a profound sense of loss and disappointment in the system’s failure to protect her.

Meanwhile, the Miami Beach Police stressed their commitment to a thorough investigation, collaborating with the State Attorney’s Office to ensure justice is served. The police department’s statement highlighted the ongoing judicial proceedings and their resolve to handle the case with utmost seriousness.

As the investigation continues, the motives behind Gibert’s actions remain unclear, leaving the community and Dos Passos’ family searching for answers. This case highlights the broader issues of safety and violence against transgender individuals, sparking discussions on protection and rights within the Miami Beach area.