Tragic Discovery in Plantation Home

A distressing scene unfolded in Plantation as authorities discovered a mother and her child deceased inside their residence, with the father found unconscious due to an overdose, in what police suspect to be an attempted murder-suicide.

Discovery and Response:
Police responded to 1000 Northwest 97th Ave around noon, where they found the two victims deceased. The father, discovered unconscious, was promptly taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. As of Tuesday night, his condition remained uncertain, while authorities labeled him as a suspect in the incident.

Details and Uncertainties:
The exact causes of death and the child’s gender or age were not immediately disclosed.

Identifying the Family:
Neighbors identified the family as Jean Carlos Aponte and Sara Gama, listed as the homeowners according to Broward County property records. The household included the couple and their two young children, a toddler and a newborn.

Community Shock:
Neighbors expressed profound shock, describing the family as friendly and kind. The news left them reeling, struggling to comprehend the tragedy that unfolded in their midst.

Continued Investigation:
Authorities continue their investigation into the heartbreaking incident, seeking answers amid the community’s grief and disbelief.