Resorts World Casino New York City has announced a monumental $5 billion expansion project, aiming to transform the establishment into a fully-fledged Las Vegas-style casino. Collaborating with Queens rap legend, Nas, this ambitious plan also promises to revitalize the Jamaica, Queens neighborhood, offering a bright future for the local community.

Expansion Details

The expansion proposal includes the addition of 1,600 new hotel rooms to the existing Hyatt Regency at JFK Airport, a 7,000-seat entertainment venue, a dance club, and a spa. Genting America East, the parent company of Resorts World, plans to invest in 3,000 employee housing units and a 10-acre community park, alongside improving transportation options to John F. Kennedy Airport. The announcement, made on Thursday at the Southeast Queens casino, signifies a significant step towards the construction of one of the world’s largest casinos, spanning 350,000 square feet.

Resorts World Casino unveils $5 Billion proposal transforming Queens into a global entertainment hub


Nas’s Involvement

Queens-native hip-hop icon Nas participated in the announcement, expressing enthusiasm for the project’s potential to provide opportunities for local families and attract talent to Queens. Nas showcased his support for the initiative through a compelling Instagram video, highlighting its ability to foster growth and development in the community.

Strategic Collaboration

The collaboration between Resorts World and Nas is strategically aimed at securing one of the limited $500 million downstate casino licenses available in New York. To transition into a full-fledged Las Vegas-style casino, Resorts World needs to obtain these licenses, as they currently operate under a “race-ino” license, permitting them to offer only racing and slot machines.

Community Support

The local community board has expressed no objections to the initiative, citing its positive impact on the Jamaica, Queens neighborhood since its inception in 2011. Betty Braton, the chair of Queens Community Board 10, commended Resorts World for its consistent support and commitment to the community, instilling optimism for a favorable outcome from the New York Gaming Commission.


Resorts World faces competition from other prominent players, including SL Green Realty’s potential Times Square casino and Ceasars Entertainment’s collaboration with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. The competition for licenses sets the stage for a potentially intense battle among these influential contenders.

Other Development Plans

Several other development plans are underway in New York City, including projects by The Related Companies and Wynn Resorts at Hudson Yards, as well as proposals in Coney Island, Brooklyn, and near Citi Field in Queens. Nas’s involvement underscores his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to community development.

Nas’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Nas, renowned as one of the most entrepreneurial artists from the ’90s hip-hop era, has ventured into various businesses, including investment firm QueensBridge Venture Partners, cigar label Escobar Cigars, and media company Mass Appeal. His involvement in the Resorts World expansion project further solidifies his status as a cultural icon and business visionary.