In Henderson, Nevada, a distressing discovery was made when local police found an 11-year-old boy with autism confined within a metal cage at his family home. This discovery was prompted by a welfare check conducted due to the boy’s prolonged absence from school. The Clark County School District had raised concerns about the boy’s wellbeing, initiating the need for intervention from local authorities.

Upon arrival, the officers encountered extremely troubling conditions. The young boy was located in a large metal enclosure, poorly clad in only a diaper, with his living space smeared with feces. This scene painted a stark picture of neglect and raised serious concerns about the safety and wellbeing of the child. Such conditions highlight critical lapses in care and supervision, calling into question the protective measures in place for vulnerable children.

The Course of the Police Investigation

The situation began to unfold earlier in the day when a truancy officer attempted to visit the boy’s home. Despite hearing sounds indicative of distress from inside, no one answered the door, which prompted further investigation. When police officers returned later for a follow-up check, Jeffrey Scanlan, the boy’s father, finally allowed them inside after initially claiming the children were ill.

The interior of the home did not provide any relief from the initial shock. Officers described the living conditions as inhospitable, with widespread neglect evident from the trash and feces visible around the premises. The boy’s cage-like enclosure, which resembled a jail cell, was particularly horrifying. It became clear that this was a case of severe child abuse and neglect. Both Misty and Jeffrey Scanlan were arrested and charged with felony counts of child abuse or neglect, based on evidence collected at the scene and their subsequent admissions about the boy’s containment, as reported by NBC affiliate KSNV.