In Canton, Ohio, a distressing incident involving local law enforcement led to the death of 53-year-old Frank Tyson after a confrontation in a bar. Released body camera footage from the Canton Police Department reveals critical moments leading up to Tyson’s demise, raising questions about the actions taken during his arrest. On April 18, responding to a scene of a single-car crash with a downed power pole, officers were directed to a local AMVETS lodge where Tyson was reportedly causing a disturbance.

Upon arrival, the situation escalated when Tyson resisted arrest, leading to a physical altercation captured on Officer Beau Schoenegge’s body camera. Despite his repeated cries of “I can’t breathe,” the struggle continued with some officers attempting to subdue him further, while others suggested caution. This footage is critical in understanding the sequence of events that night, underscoring the rapid escalation and its fatal consequences.

Events Leading to Frank Tyson’s Death

The video details how the encounter quickly deteriorated. Tyson, found at the lodge, reacted aggressively as officers attempted to detain him, resulting in his being pinned to the ground. During this, Tyson repeatedly stated he couldn’t breathe, particularly distressing as one officer appeared to kneel on his upper body. After the officers subdued Tyson, the video shows him motionless for over five minutes before any officer checked his pulse.

Following this, the bodycam captures less urgent conversations among officers while Tyson lay unresponsive, including inappropriate remarks about the altercation. It took several minutes before CPR was initiated, and despite later efforts, including the administration of Narcan, Tyson was pronounced dead shortly after at a local hospital. The Stark County Coroner’s Office, through chief investigator Harry Campbell, has yet to determine the cause of death, pending further investigation.

Current Investigation and Responses

In response to the incident, the Canton Police Department has taken procedural steps, including placing officers Schoenegge and Camden Burch on paid administrative leave. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has been tasked with conducting an independent investigation into the incident, a process supported by both Canton’s Mayor William Sherer II and Police Chief John Gabbard, who have expressed a commitment to transparency during this critical time.

Mayor Sherer has met personally with Tyson’s family, offering condolences and assuring them of a thorough investigation. These steps reflect an awareness of the gravity of the situation and the broader implications for community trust and police accountability.