The man suspected of launching an unprovoked attack on actor Steve Buscemi has been identified by the NYPD, sparking a citywide manhunt. Buscemi, known for his roles in iconic films and television series, was assaulted in broad daylight in Manhattan’s Kips Bay neighborhood on May 8. According to police sources, the actor was using his phone, leaning against a wall when he was struck forcefully across the face. The assault was caught on surveillance, leading to the identification of the suspect as 50-year-old Clifton Williams, whose apprehension remains a priority for law enforcement.

The incident left Buscemi with significant injuries; EMS responders rushed him to Bellevue Hospital where he received treatment for bruising, swelling, and bleeding around his left eye. The randomness and brutality of the attack have raised concerns about safety in the city, particularly for public figures. The actor’s publicist has stated that while Buscemi is recovering and grateful for the public’s support, he is deeply saddened by the violent tendencies emerging on the streets of New York.

Public Reaction and Safety Concerns

Police Identify Suspect in Recent Attack on Steve Buscemi
The assailant was identified as 50-year-old Clifton Williams

The public and media response to the attack has been one of shock and concern, highlighting an increasing unease about random acts of violence in New York City. Following the attack, the NYPD acted swiftly to release surveillance images of the suspect, leading to the quick identification of Clifton Williams. However, the suspect remains at large, and the ongoing search underscores the challenges the city faces in curbing street violence.

This incident follows another recent assault involving Michael Stuhlbarg, a fellow actor from the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire,” who was attacked near Central Park. These consecutive attacks on high-profile individuals have prompted calls for improved security measures and increased police presence to protect both celebrities and citizens alike. The community remains vigilant, and there is a strong appeal for anyone with information about Williams’ whereabouts to come forward.