Pop superstar Justin Timberlake was arrested in the affluent Sag Harbor area of the Hamptons on Long Island, New York, for suspected drunk driving. Timberlake, who said he had “one martini” before being pulled over, failed field sobriety tests, police reported.

Identified as a 43-year-old resident of Franklin, Tennessee, Timberlake was arraigned and released without bail about nine hours post-arrest. He pleaded not guilty and must appear in court on July 26. His attorney, Edward Burke Jr., promised a vigorous defense, pending full discovery from the District Attorney.

Timberlake was driving a gray BMW registered in Florida when stopped shortly after 12:15 a.m. for traffic violations. Officer Michael Arkinson reported Timberlake appeared intoxicated, with bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and difficulty performing sobriety tests. Timberlake admitted to having one martini and refused further testing.

Legal analyst Danny Cevallos noted that refusal to test can suggest guilt and lead to revoked driving privileges.

Timberlake had dined at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor before heading to a friend’s house when stopped by police. The historic hotel, restored in 1972, boasts an extensive wine list.

Timberlake’s “The Forget Tomorrow World Tour” continues with upcoming shows in Chicago and New York City. Meanwhile, his wife, Jessica Biel, recently praised him as the family’s rock, contrasting with backlash from Britney Spears’ fans following her memoir, “The Woman in Me,” which alleged Timberlake’s infidelity and involvement in her abortion. Spears later apologized for any offense caused by her memoir, and Timberlake faced criticism for his response during a New York concert.