Alayna Tetzloff, a senior at Mandan High School in North Dakota, experienced a memorable night last Saturday when she was crowned prom queen, a moment of joy and celebration for the entire community. Tetzloff, who has Down syndrome, had captured the hearts of many across the nation following a widely admired prom proposal from her classmate, John Bugbee, a well-known football player at the school.

The special evening marked a significant milestone for Tetzloff, emphasizing the school’s commitment to inclusivity and acceptance. Her crowning followed an affectionate “prom-posal” from Bugbee, who during a weights class session, asked her to be his date with a charming sign and a Crumbl cookie, making the invitation hard to resist.

A Friendship Celebrated

John Bugbee, standing tall at 6’8″, is affectionately known as the “big friendly giant” among his peers. Despite not securing the title of prom king himself, Bugbee expressed no disappointment, focusing instead on the joy of the evening and his friendship with Tetzloff. This event marked their second formal dance together, having previously attended another school dance earlier in the winter.

Bugbee’s actions, while simple, were profound in their impact, aiming to foster a spirit of acceptance and inclusivity within the community. He hopes that his gesture and the resulting celebration of Tetzloff’s crowning might inspire others to embrace friendship and inclusivity in all aspects of life. The prom night not only celebrated Tetzloff’s win but also highlighted the strong bonds of friendship and respect among students at Mandan High.