On Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs secured a victory against the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 17 to 10, earning them a coveted spot in the upcoming Super Bowl. However, the spotlight is not only on the football team but also on pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Although Swift won’t be gracing the halftime show—Usher has that covered—she is anticipated to attend the game to support her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The high-profile romance, sparking rumors since late September last year, has become a media sensation, significantly impacting the Chiefs and the NFL as a whole.


Taylor Swift cheering on Travis Kelce at the Chiefs game
Taylor Swift cheering on Travis Kelce at the Chiefs game

Quantifying Swift’s Economic Impact

Apex Marketing Group, a US-based branding consulting and analytics firm, delved into the financial implications of this media frenzy for the NFL leading up to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas on Feb. 11.

According to their analysis shared with Quartz, Swift’s relationship with Kelce and her presence at Chiefs games has contributed an impressive $331.5 million in equivalent brand value for both the Chiefs and the NFL. Equivalent brand value represents the amount a brand would need to spend to attain the same level of media exposure, as explained by Apex Marketing Group president Eric Smallwood.

The calculation involved an examination of media mentions of Swift associated with the Chiefs or the NFL across various platforms such as TV, radio, newsprint, digital news, and social media from Sept. 24 to Jan. 22. Assigning a dollar value to each impression based on reach and impact resulted in the substantial $331.5 million figure.

Swift’s Economic Influence

Swift’s impact on the league was evident early on when sales of Kelce’s jersey surged by 400% shortly after her first attendance at a Chiefs game.

Beyond boosting jersey sales, Swift has played a role in increasing the NFL’s viewership this season. The 2023 regular season games saw an average of 17.9 million viewers, marking a 7% rise from the previous year, according to the Sports Business Journal. Additionally, the NFL experienced its highest female viewership since 2000.

This episode underscores Swift’s expanding economic influence across diverse sectors. The US Travel Association estimated a minimum $10 billion economic impact from Swift’s arena tour last year. In another instance, AMC stock witnessed a 10% increase in October following advanced ticket sales for her concert film. Clearly, the Taylor Swift economy is undeniably thriving.