Children dressed in Willy Wonka costumes were eager to enjoy what was promised as a “full immersive experience” of pure imagination and wonder. However, the event fell short of expectations, leaving both children and parents dissatisfied and demanding refunds for their £35 ($44) tickets. The event, titled “Willy’s Chocolate Experience,” scheduled for Feb. 24 in Glasgow, Scotland, has been canceled, sparking outrage among attendees.

Willy Wonka scam event didn’t quite live up to the Willy Wonka expectation


Guest Reviews

Attendees took to social media platforms to express their disappointment. Reviews ranged from calling the event an “absolute shambles” to sharing images of plastic cups of lemonade on bare folding tables. Videos circulated showing children crying and confusion among attendees as the promised experience failed to materialize.


Organizers and Behind-the-Scenes

The event was organized by the House of Illuminati, an experience company based in London. The director of the House of Illuminati, Billy Coull, took responsibility for the event’s shortcomings, attributing them to technical issues. Despite promises of refunds and apologies, communication from the organizers has been limited.

Insights from Event Staff

Actor and comedian Paul Connell, who was hired to portray Willy Wonka, revealed through TikTok videos that the event was poorly managed. He described being given a nonsensical script and providing children with minimal treats, expressing empathy for ticket buyers who were let down by the experience.


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