After years of speculation, he reveals the reason for his ban.

Dr Disrespect, once a top Twitch streamer, has finally disclosed why he was banned from the platform four years ago, admitting he sent “inappropriate” messages to a minor.

Herschel “Guy” Beahm, known as Dr Disrespect, had over 4 million Twitch followers before his sudden ban in 2020 during a lucrative two-year exclusivity deal.

In a statement on X, Beahm confirmed he had inappropriate conversations with a minor in 2017 through Twitch’s private messaging system, “whisper.”

“Were there twitch whisper messages with an individual minor back in 2017? The answer is yes. Were there real intentions behind these messages, the answer is absolutely not,” he wrote. Beahm emphasized that no illegal activities occurred, no pictures were shared, and he never met the individual. He has never been criminally charged.

Beahm underwent arbitration with Twitch over the ban, eventually settling the civil dispute. Twitch has not publicly commented, nor has Beahm’s representative.

The issue resurfaced when former Twitch employee Cody Conners made a post on X on Friday, suggesting Beahm’s ban was due to sexting a minor and attempting to meet her at TwitchCon. Although Conners didn’t name Beahm, the implication was clear.

In response, Beahm denied the allegations, stating he did nothing wrong and that Twitch paid out his contract despite the ban.

Since his Twitch ban, Beahm has continued streaming on YouTube to 4.7 million followers and partnered with major brands like Mountain Dew and the NFL. However, after Conners’ post, The Verge published a report with a second former Twitch employee confirming Conners’ claims.

By Monday, Beahm’s game studio, Midnight Society, cut ties with him. Co-founder Robert Bowling stated, “If you inappropriately message a minor, I can not work with you. Period.”

On Tuesday, Bloomberg reported three unnamed sources confirming Beahm’s inappropriate messages to the minor and his inquiry about her plans at TwitchCon.

In his statement, Beahm accepted responsibility, acknowledging his mistake as an adult, husband, and father. “I should have never entertained these conversations to begin with. That’s on me,” he wrote. He insisted he is not a predator and vowed to continue creating content despite potential backlash.

“If you’re uncomfortable with this entire statement and think I’m a piece of s—, that’s fine. But I’m not f—ing going anywhere. I’m not the same guy that made this mistake all those years ago,” he wrote, mentioning plans for an extended family vacation. “They want me to disappear… yeah f—ing right.”