In a deeply disturbing incident that occurred in Levittown, situated 10 miles south of Trenton, 32-year-old Justin Mohn is facing allegations of beheading his 68-year-old father, Michael Mohn, within their family home. This horrifying event took a chilling turn when Justin shared a 14-minute video on YouTube, showcasing the gruesome act and expressing intense criticism towards President Joe Biden and the federal government.

President Joe Biden


Published at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, the unsettling video remained accessible for six hours before being removed from the platform. Within the video, Mohn accused the government of contributing to societal issues, attributing them to what he referred to as “woke mobs” and migrants, whom he claimed were causing harm to the United States. Holding up his father’s severed head, Mohn declared, “Violence is the only solution to the federal government’s treason,” further branding his father as a traitor.

The disturbing footage also featured Mohn delving into dark conspiracy theories, such as claiming that “Satan wants America to fall” to execute a sinister plan on the world. Asserting that he possesses solutions for America’s challenges, he advocated for a fight to implement them.

Mohn continued his tirade, accusing the Biden administration of treason and expressing concern over the alleged intention to deploy the American military overseas. He also touched on economic issues, declaring the nation’s economy to be on the brink of destruction and attributing it to a perceived “network of evil” plaguing the country.

Arrested two hours away from Levittown, in Fort Indiana Gap, Pennsylvania, Mohn now faces charges of first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and possession of an instrument of crime with intent.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that the victim was indeed beheaded, and the disturbing video is directly linked to this tragic incident. Chief Joe Bartorilla from the Middletown Police Department reported that officers were initially called to the scene just after 7 pm, discovering the headless body in the bathroom. Expressing the community’s shock, Bartorilla emphasized Mohn’s visibility in the locality, urging the victim’s family to notify siblings before they come across the distressing video