“I am truly ashamed for my actions,” Rep. Mary Morrissey expressed regarding “her disrespectful conduct” towards her colleague.

Vermont Republican state lawmaker, Rep. Mary Morrissey, issued a public apology after being caught on video pouring water into a Democratic colleague’s bag repeatedly. She addressed state Rep. Jim Carroll, her colleagues, and the citizens of Vermont from the House floor on Monday. Both legislators represent Bennington, a southwestern town in Vermont.

Morrissey admitted to her “disrespectful conduct” toward Carroll and stated she had apologized directly to him. She committed to seeking “resolution and restoration through our legislative process.”

Vermont Republican Calls Out Democrat Colleague’s Repeated Harassment
This still from a video provided by Vermont Democrat Rep. Jim Carroll shows Republican Rep. Mary Morrissey of Bennington pouring water into Carroll’s bag on April 26.

In response, Carroll acknowledged the sincerity in her voice but emphasized, “For five months, I went through this,” highlighting Morrissey’s repeated choices to continue her actions. He described the experience as torment.

Carroll revealed to The Associated Press that his tote bag, hanging in a hallway at the Statehouse, was soaked several times per week during January and February. Following his DUI charge and return from rehab in February, the incidents increased to almost daily. Convinced it was Morrissey, who often mistreated him, Carroll set up a video camera hidden behind a scarf, capturing Morrissey pouring water into his bag on April 23 and April 26. He presented the footage to House Speaker Jill Krowinski, who confronted Morrissey.

“This is a truly disturbing situation that contradicts our legislative practices,” Krowinski stated. She stressed the importance of integrity and decorum in legislative proceedings, promising thorough investigation and resolution of any behavior compromising these values.

Morrissey has not explained her actions and did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Carroll acknowledged the awkwardness of their first conversation post-incident but affirmed, “we have to start somewhere.”