Alleged Incident: Woman Arrested for Wheeling Dead Uncle into Bank


Police in Brazil apprehended a woman on Tuesday under suspicion of pushing her deceased uncle in a wheelchair to withdraw $3,000 from a bank.

Video Evidence:

A bank employee purportedly filmed the scene, capturing the woman supporting the corpse in the wheelchair. Notably, she is observed continuously adjusting the man’s head, which repeatedly slumps over.


Macabre Attempt:

The footage reveals the woman’s unsettling endeavor to place a pen in the deceased man’s hand, presumably to sign a document.

Medical Examination:

Upon the arrival of paramedics, it was determined that the man had already been deceased for several hours. However, the family’s legal representative contradicts this, asserting that the uncle was alive upon reaching the bank.

Legal Ramifications:

Investigators have yet to disclose the charges that will be brought against the woman.

Social Media Reaction:

The incident has sparked widespread outrage on social media platforms, swiftly gaining viral attention.

Family Assertion:

In opposition to the medical findings, the family contends that the uncle passed away upon his arrival at the bank.