Lucy Morgan, 6, from Stockholm, New Jersey, passed away at Maine Medical Center in Portland following a tragic accident during a family vacation in Limerick, Maine. The incident occurred on June 1 when the shaft of a broken badminton racquet struck her head, causing severe trauma.

The accident happened as Lucy and her siblings played badminton in the front yard of a lake cottage. Her father, Jesse Morgan, who is a pastor at Green Pond Bible Chapel in Newfoundland, New Jersey, described the incident in a blog post.

After hearing screams, Jesse and his wife rushed to find Lucy injured. “A sharp piece of the racquet entered Lucy’s skull, causing catastrophic injury,” he wrote. Despite being unresponsive, she was breathing when he held her as her mother, Bethany, prayed for her.

Tragic Vacation Accident in Maine Claims Life of New Jersey Child
Lucy Morgan, pictured, died after an aluminum badminton racket shaft pierced her skull.

State police detailed that the aluminum shaft of the racquet dislodged from its wooden handle and pierced Lucy’s skull. She was initially taken to MaineHealth Maine Medical Center in Sanford and then airlifted to Portland.

Lucy suffered hypoxic–ischemic encephalopathy, severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen. By Wednesday, it became evident she wouldn’t recover, and she was declared dead that morning.

The Maine Office of Chief Medical Examiner’s involvement remains unclear, as spokespeople are still responding to inquiries.

Jesse Morgan shared how deeply Lucy’s death affected her mother and siblings, aged 4, 8, and 10. He recounted how Shiloh, 8, who was especially close to Lucy, broke down immediately upon hearing the news. Despite this tragedy testing his faith, Jesse found solace in the overwhelming support from family, church members, and the broader community.

“Even in this dark time, we saw evidence of God’s grace,” he wrote. Green Pond Bible Chapel will host a funeral service for Lucy on June 15.

“My hope is for Lucy’s story to bring hope to others,” Jesse told NBC News on Friday.